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BAPN Winter Meeting 2018

For BAPN members including consultant paediatric nephrologists, trainee paediatric nephrologists and consultant general paediatricians with an interest in nephrology and MDT members.


1700: BAPN Annual General Meeting

Review of 2017

2000: Dinner


0900: Welcome- David Hughes

0905: Challenges of setting up a BAPN multi-centre trial: ECUSTEC- Sally Johnson

0925: Active multi-centre research updates:  PREDNOS studies;  HotKID;  I-KID; Renal Radar;  ATTOMIC

Nick Webb;  Manish Sinha; Heather Lambert; Detlef Bockenhaur; Stephen Marks

1015: Submitted presentations (3x 15 mins)

1040: Coffee
1100: Patient and Donor Journey to Transplant: Michelle Rossiter
1115: Transition Young Adult session: SPEAK Study- Alex Hamilton

1135: Submitted presentations

1200: Working together: European Reference Network- Franz Schafer

1245: Lunch & Poster session

1340: Discussion session: Clinical Anguish – second opinions in highly conflicting cases- Nick Plant & Yincent Tse

1400: Most difficult cases of 2017 (3x 20 mins)

1500: Tea

1515: Submitted presentations

1615: BAPN MDT Quality improvement day- Dal Hothi

1625: Concluding remarks, Presentation of trainee prizes- David Hughes

1630: End

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Registration Fees include Meeting, & Thursday evening meal.

Michael Smith Building, Oxford Road, Manchester University M13 9PT

Further information:

http://www.sprclub.org/assets/uploads/33/BAPN winter meeting 2018 programme v11.pdf

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